Cheevers Corner


Cheevers and Company -  Capabilities

Headquartered in Chicago, Cheevers & Company is an agency-only brokerage firm founded in 1982 by Kathleen T. Cheevers, CEO. The firm provides execution services for a diverse range of institutional clients and asset managers in both domestic and international equities.

With the technological abilities common to much larger firms, Cheevers & Company provides its clients with the reach and performance demanded by today’s market participants. Our clearing expertise allows us to routinely process robust trading volumes and enables the firm to continually expand its position in the institutional arena.

Our growing capabilities are demonstrated by:

  • An expanding client list of major brokerage houses and buy-side institutions
  • Historically steady revenue growth
  • Increasing trading volumes
  • Growing presence in international markets
  • Innovative technological advancements
    • Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) tools
    • Refinement of SMART routing technology
    • Adaptive trading algorithms
    • Upgraded clearing interfaces
  • Strategic addition of talented personnel
  • Continued commitment to risk control & regulatory oversight