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Domestic Equities
Cheevers and Company - Domestic Equities

Cheevers and Company -  Domestic EquitiesCheevers & Company employs an experienced team of institutional traders who have successfully executed our clients’ orders in various market environments. Weathering the market crash of 1987, the dot-com bubble, volatility resulting from 9-11 and the 2008-09 financial crises our durable trading discipline has enabled us to achieve superior performance and to reward our clients for their trust. We are confident our trading desks can devise tactical trading solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

Dealer Execution Services Desk

On a daily basis we execute and process high volume, complex multi-party equity trades tied to derivative strategies. Leveraging our access to liquidity, we also provide execution services for derivative traders hedging options positions with cash equities in the open market.

Institutional Client Services Desk

We have paired our experience with ever-evolving trading technologies to efficiently access fragmented liquidity pools and dramatically lessen our execution footprint. The liquidity demands of our dealer desk have required us to expand our reach, maintain our focus, and perfect our execution strategies. As our skills have grown, our roster of clients and our trading volumes have increased commensurately.

Our domestic equity desks offer:

  • A robust suite of electronic and algorithmic trading tools
  • A wide array of longstanding trading relationships, from trading floor to institutional desks
  • A knowledgeable group of experienced traders who are continually involved in the markets and who can quickly assess market conditions and deftly access appropriate liquidity pools

SEC 606 Disclaimer
The firm is responsible to comply with SEC Rule 606(b) (formerly Rule 11Ac1-6(c)) which requires us to provide interested customers with routing information about specific orders and to notify customers annually that such information is available. This website serves as the firm’s public notice to customers and annual notification thereafter. Customers seeking this information should contact the firm’s Chief Compliance Officer, Ryan Peterson at (312) 663-2799 to obtain routing information regarding specific orders.

Important Note
In accordance with SEC requirements, Cheevers & Co. ("Cheevers") is publishing statistical information about our routing of certain customers' orders in NASDAQ and listed stocks and listed options. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") rules require broker-dealers that route orders in certain equity and option securities to make available quarterly reports that present a general overview of their routing practices. You should note that based on the SEC's requirements, these statistics capture only a portion of Cheevers order flow. The required statistics are intended to provide only an overview of our order routing practices. Accordingly, the statistics do not create a reliable basis on which to assess whether Cheevers or any other trading venue has satisfied its duty of best execution. We have made every attempt to prepare these statistics in compliance with the SEC's rules. However, these statistics have not been audited and may contain errors. Accordingly, any decision about whether to open an account or to direct orders to Cheevers should not be based solely on these statistics, but on an evaluation of the full range of services that we provide. You may visit the SEC Web site for more information on the Disclosure of SEC-Required Order Execution and Routing Practices, Regulation NMS and interpretative frequently asked questions (Staff Legal Bulletin No. 13A).

Material Aspects of Relationship with Route Venues
Cheevers, in an effort to seek best execution, routes customer orders to national securities exchanges, alternative trading systems (ATSs), including electronic communications networks (ECNs), and other market centers. Cheevers does not accept payment for order flow in return for routing orders. If you have questions regarding this practice, please contact the Compliance Department at Cheevers.

Cheevers current quarter 606 Report can be accessed here.