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Cheevers and Company -  History

Cheevers & Company

Established in 1982 by Kathleen Cheevers as a sole proprietorship and a member of the Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX), Cheevers & Company has a rich history of providing best execution**A broker/dealer’s duty of best execution derives from common law agency principles and fiduciary obligations. Courts have held that the duty of best execution requires that a broker/dealer seek to obtain for its customers’ orders the most favorable terms reasonably available under the circumstances. and clearing services to some of the largest institutional clients in the industry.

Historically a niche player facilitating equity executions tied to exchange-traded derivatives, the firm, which began with a single seat, has grown to become one of the largest volume brokers on the CHX. Cheevers & Company now caters to both buy-side and sell-side institutional clients and offers domestic and international capabilities.

CEO Kathleen Cheevers’ unwavering commitment to her customers has led to an ever-increasing list of institutional clients, which include major brokerage houses and buy-side institutions. Whether executing block trades or the most challenging of orders, Cheevers & Company seeks to provide high-touch access to the markets for our clients. We strive to consistently achieve the price tolerance, volume restrictions and trade anonymity that our clients demand. Cheevers & Company is now comprised of a broad range of financial service professionals, all of whom share the same exceptional commitment to customer service that has characterized the firm for nearly 30 years.