Cheevers Corner



Cheevers & Company leverages nearly 30 years of experience to provide best execution**A broker/dealer’s duty of best execution derives from common law agency principles and fiduciary obligations. Courts have held that the duty of best execution requires that a broker/dealer seek to obtain for its customers’ orders the most favorable terms reasonably available under the circumstances. and clearing services for some of the world’s largest banks, brokers, pension plans and asset management firms. We strive to hire and retain talented individuals who comprise a diverse team of professionals – all of which who maintain a continuous commitment to an exceptional level of customer service. Our collective ability and expertise has enabled Cheevers & Company to be a trusted partner since 1982.


Because we know we’re only as valuable as our last transaction, we make it our business to be a vital and dependable part of each of our clients’ business models. Our mission is to consistently provide a superior level of execution & customer service while maintaining a culture of integrity, accountability and respect. We also take pride in giving back to the community by contributing to numerous charitable organizations that share our high standards of social and community responsibility.

Risk Mitigation

We seek to provide our clients with the highest level of assurance as it relates to any type of exposure to undue risk. This is achieved through our comprehensive risk mitigation efforts, which include: strict guidelines, experienced personnel, strong controls and continuous adherence to industry rules and regulations. Our institutional sales desk at Cheevers & Company plays an active role in the identification and evaluation of risk inherent in its execution activities, and collaborates with its clients to minimize this exposure. The firm also continually monitors its Net Capital position and strives to maintain sufficient excess capital in order to ensure liquidity. We take our fiduciary accountability and our risk management processes very seriously and have strong controls in place to identify and mitigate risk, where applicable.


Through robust technology and knowledgeable professionals, we have the ability to access opportunities for our clients. We employ open systems to the markets, and are not prohibited by the sole use of proprietary software or technologies. At Cheevers & Company we are known for providing creative solutions. Our ultimate goal is to become an extension of our client’s own trading desk by providing experienced service and accessing liquidity across all markets and providers.