Cheevers Corner

Risk Management

Risk management is defined as the identification, management, measurement and oversight of various business risks which are part of a firm's internal control structure.

At Cheevers & Company, we take risk management very seriously.  We have robust controls in place to identify and mitigate risk, where applicable.

Strict Guidelines

The firm's Board of Directors has adopted guidelines defining authorized activities, the limits of these activities, and the methodology for measuring the risks of these activities. Some of these activities may include:

  • Monitoring the financial condition of the firm
  • Trading activities
  • Employee activities
  • Implementing internal controls
  • Conducting regular internal reviews

Capable Personnel

The firm maintains a ratio of principals to registered representatives that is well above the industry standard, employing a team of compliance professionals who have a wealth of industry experience. Our institutional sales desk plays an active role in the identification and evaluation of risk inherent in its execution activities, and collaborates with its clients to minimize this exposure.

Strong Controls

A strong control environment forms the basis of Cheevers & Company’s efforts to protect the firm, its clients, and counterparties from unanticipated losses and erosion of capital. Specifically, our control environment's effectiveness is influenced by variables that include:

  • Management's attitudes, beliefs and practices
  • Organizational structure and accountability
  • Degree of external oversight

Continuous Regulation

Cheevers & Company is regulated by several Self Regulatory Organizations and is examined on a recurring basis. The firm continually monitors its Net Capital position and strives to maintain sufficient excess capital to ensure liquidity.

We seek to provide our clients with the highest level of assurance as it relates to any type of exposure to undue risk. This is achieved through a set of comprehensive risk mitigation efforts that include: strict guidelines, capable personnel, strong controls and continuous adherence to industry rules and regulations.